Sunday, May 16, 2021

Laura Knight's War Factory Painting

During World War II, leaders in Britain needed to recruit more women to work in the ordnance factories.

Dame Laura Knight, Ruby Loftus Screwing A Breech Ring

Laura Knight was commissioned to paint this large oil portrait of a young worker named Ruby Loftus, who is operating the lathe to make the breech-loading ring of a Bofors anti-aircraft gun.

Knight traveled to the factory to paint the portrait on location over a three day period.

The painting was commissioned by the War Artists Advisory Committee, a governmental organization tasked with documenting the people and events of the war in paintings and drawings. 

Knight's painting was very popular, and was featured in posters, newsreels, and exhibitions to help raise funds for the war effort.

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arenhaus said...

Laura Knight produced many more paintings like this. They are a treasure of documentary art.