Friday, January 7, 2022

Jim Lawlor's 'Remember When'

Jim Lawlor ran the "Remember When" shop and soda parlor in Germantown, NY. It was full of memorabilia of the grand old days of soda parlors: old radios, metal signs, and Coca-Cola painted trays. He put cellophane over the shelves to discourage collectors from asking if they could buy the stuff.

Jim had one corner of the shop still functioning, and he loved to play the role of soda jerk. He would use his still-functioning soda machine to make you a cream soda or a root beer float. 

If he really liked you he'd invite you to sit with him in his classic 1950s car (I forget the model) with big tail fins and soft tires that was forever parked next to the building.

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Susan Krzywicki said...

That is such a pensive look - as if he was contemplating, as opposed to the frenzied concentration of work. Almost dreamy.