Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Norchia in Perspective

Norchia is the site of a necropolis created by the ancient Etruscans in Italy, with fake buildings carved out of volcanic tuff. On the bluff above they conducted funerary games. 

I painted this aerial view in oil for the National Geographic magazine, and planned the scene with a perspective drawing.

If you have a question about perspective — (it could be a basic, practical question, or a more obscure one) —please ask me on this Speakpipe link. The website lets you record and review a brief voice message that I might incorporate in a future video.


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squeen said...

For me, the "measuring points" from two-point perspective are unclear. They are the key to measuring in depth. I have seen them explained several different ways, and each instructor has a slightly different method. There must be some underlying math behind using a measuring point to construct a perfect cube (or whatever) in perspective. I would like to understand that, rather than just a follow a technique by rote.

Also, I would like to understand how it is permissible for the "stationary point" to be off-center in an illustration. This will never occur with a photograph unless cropped, right?

Thank you. I look forward to this video.