Wednesday, May 25, 2022

The Horse Pictures of Eduard Thöny

Eduard Thöny (1866-1950) was known for his excellent draftsmanship. 

He loved to include equestrian subjects and often put his horses in dramatic action poses. 

In 1890 he visited Paris to study the historical paintings of equestrian specialist Edouard Detaille.

Die allerhöchste Auszeichnung für Künstler (The Highest Award for Artists) 

In 1899 he made an incisive caricature of the famous artists Anton von Werner and Adolph von Menzel).

See more examples of Eduard Thöny on Wikimedia Commons. (1866-1950)

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widdly said...

The Menzel caricature is great. Were illustrators well know enough to be recognizable to the general public? I've seem caricatures of Singer Sargeant too. These days perhaps Stan Lee, Dali, Picasso...I can't think of many.