Wednesday, May 18, 2022

The Kitchen by Carl Larsson

Two sisters operate the butter churn as the clean dishes are laid out to dry under an open window.

Carl Larsson The Kitchen (1890s), watercolor

In his book Ett Hem, Carl Larsson says: "The kitchen is the only room in the house that still 'makes sense.' You see, this kitchen is extremely plain but it's clean and arranged pretty attractively for its purpose."

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Mattias Wirf said...

I was in his home last summer, walking a guided tour through the house and his studio and garden. It was during a heatwave and pandemic, so it was a bit hard. But there's a lot of interesting things in that house, mostly created by Carl and his wife Karin (also an artist, but later more known for her design). As a swede, I off course have grown up with Carl's art. I sometimes feel it's a bit to pretty and illustrative for my taste, but it's easy to get blind to work we are exposed to so often.