Sunday, July 10, 2022

Lamplight Fantasies of Delphin Enjolras

Delphin Enjolras (French, 1857 –1945) did one thing, but he did it pretty well.

He nearly always painted well dressed ladies in opulent interiors at eventide lit by electric light.

Sometimes they're by themselves looking at a book, or sewing, or playing with a cat.

Occasionally he'll place them on a balcony or a garden. But there's always that light. There must have been a ready market for these images of casual elegance and radiant illumination.

During his lifetime he witnessed the invention and adoption of electric light, which must have seemed magical, especially when the warm glow of the light was contrasted with the cool light of the sky.


Bevan said...

Electricity is magic, or a miracle, however you prefer to think of it. Live for a few weeks without it if you ever need a reminder ;)

rock995 said...

he's competent but my Diabetes is flaring up

Unknown said...

Maxfield Parrish

CerverGirl said...

I love the treatment of the flowers in front of the lamplight, in the painting of the woman reading.