Thursday, August 11, 2022

Creatively Collaborating with People and Machines

Here's the collab painting after I added Reddy Kilowatt and his little buddy in the upper left.

It's a group effort by me, Ten Hundred, Kiptoe, Jess Karp, and Greg (Craola) Simpkins.

Here's a link to the the new video about it on YouTube. 

After finishing my section I got access to Dall•E 2

OpenAI, the creators of this new computer-generated art system, describe Dall•E 2 as an "AI system that can create realistic images and art from a description in natural language."

I tried writing a prompt to see if it could generate a character that was similar to Reddy. 

For this one, the prompt was "Reddy Kilowatt is a marionette puppet from the 1950s, waving to us, Rolleiflex TLR photo."

Although I didn't use Dall•E 2 in my creative process this time around, it was interesting to try this experiment. 

The technology still has a way to go in terms of image coherence and collaborative interface, it's one of a powerful set of new digital tools that many artists are likely to adopt into their creative process.

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Jen Drummond said...

Hi James,
I wondered if you have seen Midjourney yet, it is making waves in the digital art world for being able to generate highly detailed painting-like images. A new type of artist has appeared that art directs an AI, then paints over the resulting images to achieve the end result. You can see already a massive amount of content on artstation by searching 'midjourney'. You can try it out by going to the midjourney website and joining their discord channel. Just type /imagine and then your prompt words, press enter and watch it generate images!

Jen Drummond