Thursday, October 13, 2022

Knitting Hands

Jeanette's hands as she makes a sweater with slip-stitch knitting. She's looking at a chart she made from graph paper to get the pattern right. Gouache.

We're heading to Lightbox Expo in Los Angeles, and I'll be doing a book signing at Stuart NG's booth on Friday from 4-5pm. 


_niyagi said...


Sandra Helen Williams said...

I enjoy your wonderful blog and videos. It's always fun to read and I feel I learn a lot especially by watching how you approach each painting.

This is a brilliant painting (as always)! What I particularly like about your painting is the viewing angle of the hands and knitting - the same as the knitters. Perhaps you were looking over her shoulder?

I made four paintings of knitting hands myself last winter as a way of practising painting hands and because I'm fascinated by "busy hands" and the complexities of the pose. Interesting compositions are made by the angles of the knitting needles.

Best wishes, Sandra Helen Williams, Scotland, UK