Monday, January 2, 2023

Pío Collivadino

Pío Collivadino (1869-1945) was an Argentinian artist who studied in Italy.

His painting Lunch Break (1903) was exhibited at several international festivals. 

His paintings of the industrial scene use muted colors and large gradients to achieve a feeling of mood and delicate light.

His painting Usina, or Power Plant shows workers trudging through the dawn light past an industrial building with four tall smokestacks. 

With the political changes that swept through Argentina in the mid 20th century, his work and his style fell out of favor, and he was swept out of his place in the art school, but he has recently been making a comeback.

Pío Collivadino on Wikipedia


Unknown said...

Hi James Gurney,
Recently I have been studying and taking notes from Color and Light, and I include these handwritten notes as a background to lighting and coloring studies that I post (usually unreadable or partially covered). As I finish studying the book I want to type out the notes that I took, and I was thinking if my followers would want to read them. I always mention the notes are from Color and Light, but I understand if you find me uploading too many excerpts to be an issue (Mostly excerpts from lighting, excluding detailed lighting scenarios and most of the color mixing). Otherwise if a lot of the books content is uploaded here then I will simply direct to this site.
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