Monday, January 9, 2023

Winston Churchill's Ideas About Painting

“Painting is complete as a distraction. I know of nothing which, without exhausting the body more entirely absorbs the mind.”

"This beginning with Audacity, or being thrown into the middle of it, is already a very great part of the art of painting."

"Painting a picture is like trying to fight a battle."

"Painting is the same kind of problem as unfolding a long, sustained interlocked argument... It is a proposition commanded by a single unity of conception."

“Go out into the sunlight and be happy with what you see.

“We cannot aspire to masterpieces. We may content ourselves with a joy ride in a paint-box. And for this Audacity is the only ticket.”

He was timid about painting until he saw a friend begin to “hurl slashes of paint on an absolutely cowering canvas. Anyone could see that it could not hit back.” 

More: "Painting as a Pastime" by Winston S. Churchill
Online source for Churchill audio
More thoughts in my new YouTube video.


VirginiaFhinn said...

Hah! “A joy ride in a paint box”… #goals

Rafal Ziolkowski said...

This is quite interesting. I started rock climbing few years ago and for the same reasons. You are fully engaged both physically and mentally. Problem with rock climbing is the mental part wears out quite fast once you learn moves and just repeat them.

Maybe this the reason I picked up drawing and painting at some point.
I should definitely use the idea in my presentation about "How climbing helps in my daily life" I might change it to : "Why you need hobby"

arturoquimico said...

I'd like to comment as a "non" artist... day job was chemistry / food, drug, quality control... when I turned 50, I took art lessons as something I could continue to do as I aged. Something I have noticed is that drawing and painting do "make the world go away"... I'm not a drinker, but somehow struggling with a drawing or painting helps me relax like a small glass of brandy might. I've read that science and art use different hemispheres of the brain, so that may be how all this works. Anyway thanks for the video telling us how the real artist thinks, and this post of how Churchill thought. Identity crises has disappeared...

broker12 said...

Jim . . . great comments from you. lovely little still life. The Churchill comments reminded of when I was growing up during WWII . . . I'd hear Winston speaking from London and I somehow knew that together we were going to win the war. Deep down, I've always fancied that Winston's growl annoyed the whoopie out of Hitler.

Laura G. Young said...

Fantastic -- and what a bizarre coincidence. I was JUST talking to my husband about this very topic, (battle vs meditation) and then you posted this! Adding to the weirdness: a couple of weeks ago I was trawling Churchill's African experiences for an apropos epigraph quote. Just wild...

James Gurney said...

Hey, Laura, great to hear from you. Yes, I guess GMTA (Great minds think alike)