Sunday, May 21, 2023

Paul Joanowits

Paul Joanowits Bashi-bazouks before a Gateway, 
oil on panel, 46 by 35cm., 18 by 14¾in.

Paul Joanowits, also known as Pavle "Paja" Jovanović, was a Serbian realist painter who lived from 1859 to 1957. He painted more than 1,100 works during his lifetime. 

Paul Joanowits, Sword Fighting

His painting "Sword Fighting" shows to men training a young boy how to wield a sword. Joanowits traveled to Morocco, Egypt, Greece, Turkey, Italy, and Spain and was inspired by Serbian history and everyday life of his people.


CerverGirl said...

And I was impressed with VanGogh's production--but 1,100 works, wow.

JR said...

To write 'Paul Joanowits also known as Paja Jovanovic' is akin to saying 'Jakob Tragbahre, also known as James Gurney.'

JR said...

But, your choice may have been affected by trouble with pronunciation. Well, this artist is usually called 'Paja,' which is pronounced ... Paya, in the way that's intuitive: as in 'jambalaya' or 'Yamnaya.' Jovanovich: there are websites that show that; as in the publisher "Brace Jovanovich."

Elena Jardiniz said...

Do you know of any publications of his artwork? I just tried a quick google search and there was nothing. There was a Serbian artist active on Muddy Colors who sometimes posted his beautiful work; but that's it. A shame, given his beautiful paintings and long life.

Kursomanija Blog said...

Just google his real name Paja Jovanović