Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Aaron Blaise Demos Procreate Dreams

In this new video on the Proko channel, Disney-trained animator Aaron Blaise demonstrates the new animation software called Procreate Dreams, which is released today.

Aaron began working on the animation of the giant ogre stepping over the building during our "Colossal Characters" event at Lightbox Expo. He drew a few key poses, each held for eight frames. In this video he adds intermediate drawings to smooth out the action, taking care to emphasize the weight and balance of the figure. 

Procreate Dreams has been receiving accolades for its convenience, versatility, and speed, and Aaron does a great job teaching how to use it. Proko says: "You'll see him use cool features in the app like onion skinning and a timeline to animate the ogre walking over a city. This demo is a practical look at how Procreate Dreams simplifies frame-by-frame animation, making it straightforward for anyone interested in animating.

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