Monday, November 13, 2023

Fortune-Telling Homunculus

To interact with this fortune-telling homunculus, ask it a yes/no question and press down on one of the hands.
Inside the body is a robust internal escapement mechanism, with a flywheel and catchment. The face spins freely for a while and snaps to a stop. If it stops on a smile, the answer is YES.....and if it flips over and stops on a frown, the answer is NO, kind of like the "Magic 8-Ball."

The second sketch imagines her as an old lady character named 'HANNAH,' a name that's not only palindromic, but invertible (almost).

She's up on a pedestal, and she's big enough so that museum-goers can interact with her. Her hands stick out of slots in the vitrine, while her face and figure are protected inside the vitrine.

Pressing down on one hand spins her face one way, and pressing down the other spins the face the other way. Every 10th spin or so, on average, her sidekick Protoceratops sidekick perks up and nods his head for a SUPER YES, or a doleful SUPER NO.

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