Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Creative Ruts vs. Wide Focus

One of the challenges of my career has been how to channel all my crazy vocations and avocations.

Which is why I laughed when the editor of Watercolor Artist Magazine (Spring 2024) asked me about dealing with issues at the opposite extreme.

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Timothy Bollenbaugh said...

James, you've a pattern of exploring, discovering, creating with admirable (okay, "enviable") intellect & emotion stuck neither in just rigidity nor just flexibility ... darting about the parts you've mentioned ... which overlap ... gathers them into a whole greater than the sum of those parts ... while you work on one thing, you're working on the others and can return to the one for a result of emergent properties.
Hopefully that makes sense without over analysing. I love algebra, am a failure in algebra, but all the while I took it my illustration was so swift, clean, articulate, fun (for the viewer) ... because I was practicing the patterns which are the same — achieving weight, depth and balance numerically or compositionally.
You find the story reality has to tell rather than stuffing one in its' mouth ... which makes for a timeless human element we can experience.