Sunday, November 11, 2007

Gallery One

Here I am on my way to a day’s work at Gallery One in Mentor, Ohio, one of the premier galleries for art prints and originals. I gave my Magic Marker presentation to a very smart group of young people. Last night I shared the behind-the-scenes PowerPoint show.

This is Kyle, who told me, “I want to be an illustrator by day and a boxer by night. In the afternoon I can rest.” I drew a picture of a T.rex versus a strutter in his book, while he sketched up the clash betweeen Godzilla and Space Godzilla.

A fun surprise was meeting the one and only Azonthus (of the Dinotopia Message Board) and her husband Greg. They showed us great photos of their wedding album.

And why do you suppose I'm smiling? Because Sue gave me a beautiful fossilized animal dropping, known as a coprolite. It was about 20 million years old, so it had turned to stone, but it looked as real as something you'd find in the park, and a lot of the kids didn't care to touch it. Of all the kinds of direct evidence of dinosaurs and ancient mammals—bones, footprints, even skin impressions—coprolites really make them come to life. Thanks, Sue!


Nathalie said...

I wondered if Az and her husband would get mention, LOL. She did tell me she wouldn't be online to chat because of this. Was it really a surprise to see them? When she found out you'd be in the area around that time she was very much delighted and inmediately decided she was going to come see you. :)

Breathe Deep Seek Peace, Vorchia

Anonymous said...

I would have been more surprised if Az hadn't gone to see you! ;)

K_tigress said...

Humm both interesting and funny at the same time.
The one time you'd be happy getting a scat in a pack. ;)

I have this one stone I got off this beach long time ago. It really reminded me of something my own birds would leave behind only petrified. Its a small stone with white on the outside and in the center a light brown.
I really wonder if its a fossilized bird scat.

Anonymous said...

yay! good to see Azzy and her lovely other half are looking... uh, even more height differentiated than previous images suggested.... But yes! I was wondering when she'd sneak into this little blog...