Friday, November 2, 2007

Road Kill

Whenever I see a road kill I want to look away. But I also want to look.

What kind of critter bit the dust? Did he suffer?

I saw this one on County Route 16. Did a double then a triple take. Something was wrong. Nothing has blue guts.

Close inspection revealed it was a stuffed animal. Cat, most likely.

Which set me to pondering. What was a stuffed animal doing crossing the highway? Was his stuffed-animal family waiting in the bushes, crying for him? Is there a whole village of stuffed animals in quilted calico houses hidden there past the swamp?

Hmmm. Material for a story. You take it and run.


Unknown said...

The not so happy ending for Edward Tulane....

Unknown said...

Hey Jim,
We've been so busy, I haven't had any tim to update my blog, much less check out anyone else's. I've got to say, I love all of your entries, particularly these odd real-life encounters. Everything is refreshing and gets my mind turning different directions. A most excellent blog, sir!
Your friend,

Adline Writes said...

Dear Mr Gurney, I love your work! I discovered your blog through Tony Diterlizzi's website. This 'road kill ' entry and those pictures of that squashed teddy bear really inspired me! I've been thinking about writing a short story and I knew this was the one for me. Thanks! I am running away with it! :)
Adline, Malaysia