Sunday, November 4, 2007

Grey Hair or None?


J Gilpin said...

Not a tough question at all,

I personally prefer having matter what color. I bump my head often and am thankful for the crash helmet cushion for my clumsiness.

How does one go about requesting a school visit from you, Mr. Gurney? Our local University could benefit from the buzz of a nationally known illustrator of your calibre coming to our little burg. Not many shekels to offer but lots of southern hospitality!

Hope you consider the offer,

-Jonathan Gilpin,
On behalf of the University of KY Art Department

Anonymous said...

Hi, Jonathan,
Good to hear from you in the great state of Kentucky. Don't know if I'm going to be able to swing down there in 2008, but please go ahead and have someone from the school contact me at PO Box 693, Rhinebeck, NY 12572, and if possible send information about the program down there.

Best wishes, JG.

Anonymous said...

you continue to crack me up on a daily basis, your photographer is a master (not sure who took this one, if it wasn't a timed shot) and your mastery of exaggerated expression puts me to shame... More, I say!

ricardo said...

Hahahah! Priceless shot!

James H. Fullmer said...

Let's get back to the question at hand - an important one at that: Grey hair or None? Personally, I love having little to no hair. It only takes 3 seconds to do my hair every day and I never worry that the wind will mess it up. As they say, "God only made so many perfect heads and on the rest he put hair."

But it's not a question of looks - it's a matter of personal health! Bald heads get sunburned in the summer and cold in the winter but the most serious handicap for me was mentioned by "j gilpin": head trauma.

Hair can act like whiskers on a cat and tell you, "Hey, you are about to hit the corner of the kitchen cabinets!" Without that warning we are left to our own wits to save us and that hasn't worked out too well for me.