Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Color Storyboard

On an earlier post I described my method for doing storyboards in pencil. But for the second Dinotopia book, The World Beneath, I did all the storyboards in marker. I sketched each storyboard panel on bond paper about an inch and a half by three inches.

I used a hand-held waxer to apply a thin layer of beeswax on the back side of the panels. Waxers have become antique tools; they were used for pasting up elements in old-fashioned layouts. In this way I could reposition the storyboard panels over and over again as the sequences evolved and changed.

The basic story points are typed on pieces of paper below each storyboard panel.


Dan Gurney said...

Your ability to organize is impressive. How did you organize the blog? Did you use something similar to the storyboard process?

Paul Schreivogl said...


I just saw your interview on NW Cable News. :)

I notice they brought up again what to call your book-style. I'd still have to vote for 'Sequential Art'. I think it describes both the quality of image and storytelling aspects.

Welcome to the Northwest.

Anonymous said...

I can't tell you enough how helpful your blog is. I'm working on a long-form-storybook myself, and it is an inspiration and guide to see the way that a master like yourself does it. Every time I start to get frustrated with the illustrations or storyline, I hop on over to your blog and feel encouraged.

Thanks so much for sharing! It is muchly-appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Paul. Yes, I like the term "sequential art" too, or "visual novel," because as the host pointed out, "picture book" makes you think of a little kid's book.

The new Dinotopia book has turned up in different sections of the bookstores: children's classics, dinosaurs, art, science fiction, and mythology.

Dan, I'm sure you know that my blog isn't organized or planned! I wish I could say I have a master scheme or a team of writers, editors, and researchers, but it's just me with my little Mac laptop huddled in a booth poaching Wi-Fi at a cafe.

Like you, I have lots of ideas for future posts (including some requests), and have a dozen or so at various stages of development.

Unknown said...

I very much like your storyboards. James, on a side subject do you have any thoughts on painting ground foliage, especially low ground floral foliage?

tlchang said...

I think my class in college was the last one to use wax paste-up methods. (I get quite envious of current students upon hearing about the illustration programs you are visiting around the country).

It was delightful meeting you in person last night. You are incredibly gracious and a most entertaining presenter. Thankyou!

Gina said...

Absolutely incredible!