Friday, December 14, 2007

Home from Seattle

We finished up the Dinotopia tour in Seattle, returning the rental car and boarding a jet back home. From my window I could see America was completely covered from head to toe with a blanket of clouds.

A mix-up with the tickets put us into LaGuardia instead of Stewart Newburgh, so we had to rent another car and drive all night to return to Trusty Rusty.

She was buried somewhere under a foot of snow. Where did we leave her?

Now we're digging out from other piles at home. To our friends and family: I hope you'll understand if we don't send Christmas cards this year. To our mail-order customers: most orders already shipped today, and the rest will go out Saturday and Monday.

To all our hosts at bookstores, movie studios, and art schools: thank you for your hospitality and generosity, and please forgive us for not being able to linger longer. To all the readers of the Dinotopia books: I really appreciate your support; there would be no more books without it. To my wonderful publisher, Andrews McMeel, thanks for helping with all the myriad details of the tour.

And to all my fellow artists on this blog, both students and professionals: thanks for your interest in all the oddball topics of this journey and I'm grateful for your fascinating feedback. Even though I'm back in New York, the journey is not over, and I'll keep on blogging. I'll continue to do new posts and flashback reports about the West Coast.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Gurney,

thank YOU for sharing all these wonderful experiences, tips, visions, impressions, pictures, meetings, places, advices, techniques, feelings, contests...etc.
Your blog is one of the first three pages I open in the morning, including my emails;
I know it is really a lot of work but please continue to post, it is a real daily pleasure.
Thanks again,


Anonymous said...

Journey to Chandara arrived in the mail this week; I suspect you signed it during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Thank you so much! I can't wait to read it to my daughter. My husband and I took her to see the dinosaur exhibit that just opened up in Toronto, and all I could do was picture the dinosaurs as they appear in Dinotopia.

garrett said...

Garrett from Sunnyvale Library and formerly of Linden Tree here. Thanks again so much for taking the time to come out to LT to sign and speak with your fans. It was really a pleasure to meet and talk with you, and thanks again for signing mine and our library's book. You asked for comments so you would know that more than 2 people are reading your blog, but I'm sure you can tell that there are many, like me, who have really enjoyed reading your posts. I know you said that you may not be able to keep up the daily posting but I will keep Gurney Journey in my RSS reader and hope you can continue to write as much as your time allows. Thanks again!

K. W. Broad said...

It's been a real pleasure reading this blog of yours. So much useful information and fun, fascinating experiences to read about. Thank you so much for sharing such things with us. I look forward to your possible postings in the future!