Thursday, December 6, 2007

Tuggle in Action

My brother Dan, aka "Mr. Kindergarten," has tested out the Dinotopian game "Tuggle" with interesting results. Check out his new blog, which offers tips, techniques, and reflections from his 40 years of experience in the classroom. I'll be visiting him in Sebastopol tomorrow.


mocarski said...

Dear James,

Sorry I missed your presentation. I was in Tokyo wrapping up an Art Center project at TAMA Art University. I always enjoy seeing your work and the life that you have created for yourself. Knowing you has always been a pleasure.


David Mocarski

shannon said...

James, it was great meeting you at Dreamworks. Thanks for such an inspiring presentation!

Claire Marshall said...

Thank you very much for visiting San Jose State today, your new book is 160 pages of pure magic! Alice Carter's praise of your work as carrying on the tradition of the old style illustrators is right on the money. This blog reads a lot "Rockwell on Rockwell." thanks so much for keeping an on-line journal for us art students to read and learn from.

Best Regards,
Claire Marshall