Wednesday, August 13, 2008

ABC High Pitched

It’s Wednesday. And that means it’s time for “Art by Committee,” the game that stretches our visualization muscles. Your assignment was to come up with a picture to go with this quote that I snipped out of an actual science fiction manuscript: “Their voices were high-pitched, piercing…but human.”

These solutions were so good that they practically shattered all the windows and wine glasses in our house.

And the one from the original sketchbook, drawn by a bunch of artists at a restaurant.

Next week’s quote is: “The man spasmed against the snow. 'Gods, no! No! No sorcery'—'Hold him,' I said calmly, as he tried to leap up and run."
Have fun! Please scale your JPG to 700 pixels across and please compress it as much as possible. Title it with your name, send it to: jgurneyart(at), subject line ABC, and let me know in your email the URL of the link to your blog or website if you have one (even if you gave it to me before). Please have your entries in by next Tuesday at 10:00 AM Eastern Time USA.


Unknown said...

Hey Doug, great minds think alike!

António Araújo said...

I am not sure about the adequacy of the BeeGees in relation to the description, though...yes, they sounded high-piched, but...what about the "human" bit? ;)

Really, their voices were just freaking alien :)


António Araújo said...

Hey, Jim, by the way, just noticed a small mistake. My picture is actually linking to Patrick Waugh's site.

Mine is

Antonio Araujo

Anonymous said...

Hi! I was stopping by to say that I have been a huge fan of yours since I was really young and your artwork is really inspirational. I really love your work and your entries, they are also helpful. These features are great, I'm definitely going to stick around! ^__^

Random York said...

Superb stuff! I loved it all. Andy, I always enjoy your huge layouts and I feel the pain in Kristina's pic. Thay are all beautiful.
The Bee Gee Tribe is awesome Doug.

I am a fan of the "really old", pre-disco Bee Gees- that predates recorded history!

Patrick Waugh said...

This week's entries look good, I can't wait till next wednesday.

Unknown said...

Tony, I didn't notice until I took a second, closer look -- that the megaphones are McCain and Obama! That is hilarious and so clever.

Thanks, Random, for the feedback. I am using these prompts to jump around back and forth within a single story I have in my mind. When I get enough of the missing pieces, it will be a single story. Well, most of them will be part of it anyway.

António Araújo said...

>Tony, I didn't notice until I took >a second, closer look -- that the >megaphones are McCain and Obama!

Missed that too! Now it makes sense, there was something in the choice of faces that was bothering me - like there was something there I should be noticing...:p.


Kat said...

I absolutely LOL'd at Doug Jones'. Great entries everyone!