Sunday, August 17, 2008

Color in Vermont

How much do we love color? From late September to early October, nearly four million people visit Vermont to see the color of the fall foliage. The favorite trees are maples, oaks, and birches. The number of visitors is almost seven times the state’s population. They spend almost a billion dollars.
Plein air painting was from River Road in Rhinebeck in mid-October.
The numbers are from Idyll Banter by Chris Bohjalian, link.


Unknown said...

Thanks for making the approach of fall that much more tolerable!
I love the the tiny yellow road sign, like colour punctuation.

Kate said...

I agree with Eric! The crossroads sign also serves to stop the eye going down the road and out of the painting.

Eric said...

Great painting! I've always dreamed of seeing Vermont in the Fall. This served as a good reminder.

william wray said...

nice as always love the pushed color in the shadows.