Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Nature Sketchbook

I have an old leatherbound sketchbook that is half full. It is 20 x 30 cm or 8 x 11.5 inches. Inside are studies of tree roots, pigs and goats, stream rocks, mushrooms, and flowers.

Sometimes when the world is too much with me I sit outside alone on the weedy hillside near my house with the ants at my feet, the bees at my ears, and the clouds drifting overhead, and I try (usually in vain) to hear the soft, strange music of Nature.


Anonymous said...

God bless you Jim.
I think if we are honest, it's too much for all of us. its a blessing to live in such a fine country where we have the luxury to sit alone on a hillside, sketch the weeds and listen to the conversations of birds without fear. i wish more people in this world knew how to enjoy those simple things.
beautiful sketching, by the way.

Tom Scholes said...

Ooooooooooo hoooohooo, scan more please! Gold!

Anonymous said...

I like to do this too. It's fun to look at something and just observe, not attach judgements or meaning, just observe. I find it interesting where you talked in a pervious post about turning your work around to get a different perspective. I've tried it and I'm beginning to look at things differently. Love the fall colors!

Shannon Ryan said...

Thank you! Yes, the world can really get to me too. Nature is surely the best cure. Thank you very much for all you give through your blog - inspiration to plow on, helpful tips and insights, and fantastic art. My best friend, also an artist, referred me to your posts.

tlchang said...

Have you considered publishing some of your sketchbooks? (they are so stunningly beautiful).

James Gurney said...

Welcome, Shannon, and please thank your friend for telling you about the blog.
Thanks, Tom and Tara, I have some far-off plans for publishing some sketchbooks, but am too deep in other projects right now.
Vickie: I'm glad the "fresh eye" approaches are working for you.