Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Here's a sketch of the Place de la Republique, drawn while huddled under the eaves of a furniture store, as the rain came in and dusk settled over Paris. Our spot was also a pick-up place for male prostitutes, it turned out, but Jeanette protected me.


Hubert de Lartigue said...

But you are in Paris! Do you have an event? Welcome in France!

armel said...

Hello, Mr. Gurney. Welcome, too. I recognize the place, and the magnificent white-to-grey sky of Paris. I heard somewhere on Earth, the sky might actually be blue. That sculpture was created by Leopold Morice, and his brother Charles.

I also wonder if you have an event planned here, I'd love to come and see. If not, I take students for sketching skulls and prehistoric artefacts at the Musée de l'Homme this afternoon, maybe we'll accidentally meet somewhere - but Paris is a big city! ;-)

Jason Peck said...

Hey James,

Wonderful work as always. I love your watercolor studies. Are you using the watercolor pencils for these as well, or are you using a full set? Either way they are great.

Best, Jason

C. Gertz Bech said...

Have a nice stay in Paris!

Erik Bongers said...

He is (or has been) signing at the FNAC.
Don't ask me for exact dates.

Unknown said...

Wonderful. The very raininess of the scene seems to come off the image. You captured a scene and a feeling wonderfully.

James Gurney said...

Hubert, as Erik said, I signed at the Les Halles FNAC yesterday at 4:00. There was a listing in "Upcoming Appearances" in the left column, but I'm sorry I didn't mention it again in the body of the blog. I also signed at the "Labyrinth" bookstore in Rambouilette yesterday morning.

Jason, yes, this sketch was made with two watercolor pencils, black and sepia, together with the water brush.

And thanks to everyone for your welcome. We had a wonderful time in Paris.