Thursday, October 9, 2008

Postcards from Paris

Dinotopia: Un Voyage a Chandara, published by Editions Fleurus, was spotlighted by Jean-Philippe Lefèvre for the program called "Un Monde de Bulles," on the Public Senat channel. The makeup lady had to do a lot of work to cut down on the glare from my head.

The program was about fully illustrated fantasy stories in the context of "bande dessinees," the uniquely French version of comics, usually presented in oversize, full-color books. They're a huge market here, and hard to find in America. The program will air in November or December.

The program is hosted inside the magnificent Senate building, next to the Luxembourg gardens. Imagine an American national TV program on comics originating from inside the U.S. Capitol! Afterward Mr. Lefèvre toured us through the Senate chambers, including the inner sanctum where laws are made, surrounded by ornate sculpture and decoration.

We visited the purveyor of comics and fantasy art Galerie Daniel Maghen with our friend Olivier Souille, who works there. Olivier and his brother Laurent are also the authors of the recently published L' Univers of Dragons.

Two more average tourists on the Ponte des Arts.

We met Marc Bourgne creator and illustrator of Frank Lincoln, Voyageur, and Barbe Rouge.

I had fun at a booksigning at the science fiction specialty bookshop Labyrinthes in Rambouillet, outside of Paris. I also signed at the FNAC Les Halles. The French edition will be officially available on 10 October.


Erik Bongers said...

Hmmm, a small comment on those 'oversized french comics'.
In fact they are normal sized.
It's the american comics that are small sized.

Sorry I missed the Paris signing.

Erik Bongers said...

And it's funny that I will be able to see an interview with JG on a TV show that I know of so many interviews with my european comic heros like Moebius and other gods!

Patrick Waugh said...

A whole store just for sci-fi books!?

Dag said...

hey hey i got it and it's a really nice book.
All of your work is amazing.

Unknown said...

--and TV shows that interview comics creators and illustrators???!!

America, wake up!

Super Villain said...

haha, all the make up is making you look a bit tired,

haha, or maybe its all that late night european clubbing you and janette are slow down the pace...haha!

Mike Bear said...

Hi James,
I'm moving to the NE soon, specifically Boston. I was wondering do you know if there are any good places of learning in the area for aspiring painters? I've been out in LA for the summer and there are so many workshops and classes available for artists here and I was hoping to find something like that in the New England area.

I would love to be a part of a painting group, but I just don't know where to look.


Anonymous said...

It's true that France is a really friendly country for illustration. Funny that I should realize that everything that's natural about an illustrator living in France seems incredible and luxurious in the States.

Doug said...

Hello Mr. Gurney,

I'm a huge fan of your work, both the art and this blog. Thank you for both!

I've been lurking for a while and I've finally worked up the nerve to post.

Ah, Paris, I was there last June mostly to study, and I envy you greatly, I miss that city everyday, I could spend a lifetime there! You could spend the rest of your life studying just the city not to mention the galleries and then another lifetime on the masters. I can't wait to hear about your time in Louvre!

The comic stores are absolutely beautiful there, and in abundance, Album being one of my favorite places to visit.

James Gurney said...

Hi, Doug, thanks for adding a comment. We only scratched the surface of the City of Light, and sure hope to get back there again soon.

Erik, yes, the size of the comics are all relative. Maybe American comics seem smaller because us readers are supersized.

Thomas: "friendly country for illustration" is an understatement. The standards for drawing in BD are so high, and I wish we could import more into the US.

Mike, I'm sorry but I really have no clue about the Boston art scene.

Dag, thanks for your kind words, and Superwu--you must be kidding about the late-night clubbing. By 8:30 I was back in the hotel jabbing the remote for funniest home videos and Octoberfest singalong shows.

Tim said...

Ive streaked across Pont Des Arts!