Friday, October 17, 2008

Paint-Out Tomorrow

If you're in the New York State area tomorrow, please stop by the village of Rhinebeck in the Hudson Valley for the 7th Annual Plein-Air Paint-Out and Auction.

A paint-out is an event where professional artists gather on-site in the morning to create a painting, which is framed and auctioned in the afternoon. It's the closest thing to tightrope walking or improv theater in the painting business.

The autumn color is at peak and the weather promises to be sunny. Over fifty artists will be attending, including Jim Adair, Gary Fifer, Tarryl Gabel, Keith Gunderson, Betsy Jacaruso, Hae Suk Kim, Seth A. Nadel, Robert Schneider, and me.
For more information, and the complete list of artists, link.
For a listing of other plein air events, and a great site for the on-site painting information, visit


Jared Shear said...

"It's the closest thing to tightrope walking or improv theater in the painting business.".....Yes, I love it! Couldn't be more true. Hope the show goes well for you.

Allison Dollar said...

Oh, wow, I'd love to do that. hmm... Annual? Gotta search for other places that might do it too...

... or organize my own.

Terry Daniels said...

I visited Rhinebeck many years ago. I'd give my right arm to be there (not my left, I need that to paint!) - it sounds like great fun and an exciting challenge at the same time.

Kerry said...

Improv theater and fishing. There's always a performance, one just never knows if there will be something worth taking home.