Wednesday, July 15, 2009

ABC: Dots

The 15th of the month is the day for a group sketch game called "Art by Committee." The way it works is I share an excerpt from a science fiction story and you come up with a picture to go with it.

This month the quote was: “But when the dots did not vanish even after he scrubbed his fists across his eyes three times, he shouted hoarsely…”

You came up with some funny and creative solutions. Dots, it turns out, can be all sorts of things and can create all sorts of problems. You can click on the creators’ web links to see bigger versions of their pictures and to find out about their other work.

Andrew Walker

Mark Oftedal

Mario Zara

Mark Wummer

Marisa Bryan Flickr Image

Andy Wales

Mei-Yi Chun

Michael Geissler
Michael says: “A big shout-out to the freeware fractal program Apophysis, with which I was able to generate the freaky sky (& heaps of other great images)”

Here's my solution.

Thanks to everyone who participated.

Now here’s the quote for next month:
Have fun! Please scale your JPG to 400 pixels across and compress it as much as possible. Title it with your name, send it to: jgurneyart(at), subject line ABC. Please let me know in your email the full URL of the link to a larger image or your blog or website so people can see your image in all its glory and learn more about your other work. Please have your entries in by the 12th of August. I'll post the results August 15.
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Unknown said...

It is amazing how different, creative and funny these are!

Jean Spitzer said...

These are delightful! I love seeing different takes on the same theme, together.

Unknown said...

Mark's is great!