Sunday, July 26, 2009

New Poortvliet Museum

Goed nieuws voor fans van Rien Poortvliet. After the previous museum of Dutch illustrator Rien Poortvliet was forced to close, a new one has opened.

There's a video with a walk-through of the new space at this link.
Thanks, CeGeBe, Nathalie and Erik


René PleinAir said...
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René PleinAir said...

Great news James, especially that it is also on
our newest island of our country "Tiengemeten"

Thanks for the great news!

Andrew said...

Wow! This is good news, indeed.

Rien Poortvliet is certainly one of my painting heroes. His "Gnomes" book was one of the first books that got me really into drawing seriously as a kid, right alongside Dinotopia...

Jennifer G. Oliver said...

Whoa, thanks for the heads up!

Erik Bongers said...

A summary of the video comments:
Good news for Rien Poortvliet fans.
On Tiengemeten - an island in the 'Haringvliet' [the Netherlands] - a new official Poortvliet museum has been opened.

Chairman Daan den Ouden (Daan the Elder [what's in a name - remember Breugel?]) :
"The first part of the museum shows life on the islands in the days of Poortvliet. You see a combination of drawings, watercolor and oils. We have a number of his top oil pieces.
Upstairs we have the 'kinderworld'.
A combination of gnomes and animals. Striking is how you can easily imagine the elephant walking of the drawing. Taking his observations back to his studio was the key to Poortvliet's work."
Reinie Melissant-Briene, major of Korendijk: "We are an agrarian community that likes to promote recreation and tourism. Poortvliet is no doubt a crowd drawer."
The museum chairmain adds: "In Tiengemeten we like to combine nature, culture and education which incidently were also the passions of Poortvliet."

James Gurney said...

Erik, thanks so much for the translation. I was trying to guess from cognates....and was guessing wrong.