Friday, July 24, 2009

Pop Culture Blender

We are what we eat, visually speaking. Each of us has absorbed through our eyeballs a mind-boggling array of images.

My Influences from Dan Meth on Vimeo.

Dan Meth has created a compelling film that presents all of those visual inputs in a rapid-fire presentation. What’s funny is that Dan's list would be pretty much the same for any American (and to an ever larger extent, anyone in the world) in the same generation.

Todd Schorr has brought these images together in his large and complex paintings, warping the elements a bit and tossing strange things together, the way things tend to bounce around in our heads.
Schorr's work is currently being exhibited at the San Jose Museum of Art. Follow this link for more about the "American Surreal" exhibit and a nice series of videos about Schorr's work produced by the SJMA.


eric said...

just recently learned about todd schorr a year ago, i'm still amazed at the skill and detail he puts into his work, matched in my opinon by you james gurney, and the phenomenal artist drew struzan...but i still think dinotopia paintings take the cake for me...

eric said...

great video, think he missed fraggel rock and ren and stimpe though, haha. 80s were such a great cheesey and super creative time, i wish it would have lasted three or four decades instead of just one.

my opinion the greatest time to grow up as a kid, indiana jones and star wars in the theater, smurfs and seaseme street on tv, michael jordan killing in basketball, john pound creating the awsome garbage pail kids series trading cards, mad magazine at its height of memories and great times!

jeff jordan said...

Let's see a video like that about painting!

What I really enjoy about your blog, Jim, is your amazing depth of interests and your vast inclusiveness. This week is a good example, from Russian landscape to Todd Schorr is a great stretch, and that's just painting.

Always a highlight of the day, "Well, what's gonna be posted on GJ today?"

Daniel.Z said...

That video was a psychotic nostalgia blast.

Randall Ensley said...

Yay for Dan Meth! That was a great video.

Christy Morgan B said...

Its an awesome show! I like the time lapse video they had of "Pirates treasure dream" from start to finish. They also had some of his original sketches, its always nice when they show an artist's process.

Roberto said...

What a great week of blogs! Dito to Jeff, plus I really apreciate the contributions from your blogosphere.
When I was a kid (I'm 54) I would take Ed Roth's Rat Fink car models and Monster models, and space ship and airplane models and mix them up into hybrid model/assemblages.
Thanx for the Journey -RQ

Erik Bongers said...

The music in that video is our Belgian national anthem.
It is composed by our country's most prestigiuos composer Plastic Bertrand.

This solemn sounding composition is played when our King Albert visits other countries.
While he walkes the red carpet and inspects the traditional army line-up, the army's brass band plays this tune.
As always, the members of the army's brass band need to keep their feet glued to eachother and to the ground. They are not allowed to tap their feet.
However, for this song, the musicians/soldiers are allowed to shake the rest of their bodies.

jeff said...

I love Schorr's work I have two his books. He's an amazing artist, high and low brow done too perfection.