Friday, September 17, 2010

John Collier

At his blog Underpaintings, Matthew Innis has assembled an extensive portfolio of the British academic painter John Collier, along with a biography.

Here is Collier’s take on Queen Guinevere going a Maying.
Link to Underpaintings.
Download a PDF of Collier's book "A Primer of Art," with his thoughts on anatomy, perspective, oil painting, and light and shade.


Kurt said...

Thanks for the link to the PDF of his book

Saskia said...

I love Collie a lot, thank you for the great link! How exactly do I download the pdf? I never see a download link at google books

James Gurney said...

Saskia, when Google books displays the book, look for a little row of blue words above the book page that says: "Plain Text" "Link" etc. Click on the one that says "PDF." Your computer should then allow you to save the file to your desktop.