Thursday, September 16, 2010

Upcoming California Workshops

Two upcoming California workshops:

1. October 7, San Francisco
The Art Department, also known as TAD, is an art school—both online and actual—specializing in imaginative drawing and painting.

TAD's online program uses streaming technology to webcast to students in remote classroom "pods." The pods are in San Francisco, Kansas City, Richmond, Austin, and London. Orange County, San Diego, and Amsterdam will be starting pods in January, 2011.

I'll be at the San Francisco pod on Thursday, October 7, meeting with students in person. The live webcast will also be available to enrolled students in other locations, who will be able to ask questions and give feedback.

TAD is closely associated with Founder Jason Manley did a nice introduction with a portfolio on ConceptArt here.

Enrollment has begun for the Jan 2011 semester with part time, full time, and single classes available, and that scholarships (full, half, or quarter rides) are available for students who apply now. Link for the classes.

2. October 15, Encinitas (near Carlsbad) California
Come join me for a special half-day workshop at the Watts Atelier, founded by academic master Jeff Watts. I’ll be offering an information-packed afternoon with two lectures and demos, and lots of discussion and Q and A.

Lectures include:
“Plein-Air Pioneers.” History and modern practice of plein air painting and sketching, with detailed illustrations of my oil, watercolor, and oil set-ups.

“Color and Light.”An hour-long illustrated talk covering the key concepts most useful for realistic painting. I'll have an advance copy of the new book, but sales copies may not be available quite yet.

Plus, a portrait demo using water-soluble colored pencil sketching and water brush technique.

The fee is $45.00. Space is limited and quickly filling, so be sure to sign up soon. Watts Atelier can be reached at (760) 753-5378.

The Art Department
Concept Art / James Gurney
Watts Atelier


Claire Vrabel said...

I'll be seeing you at Watts and the Carlsbad Library. :)
Everyone's excited to pick your brain....

Moai said...

TAD student here! We're all very excited to start learning from you in a few short weeks, James!

Renee said...

Awe shoot, that's the day of graduation! Maybe next time you're in SF . . .

Colin Boyer said...

Another TADpole here from Kansas City. Can't wait to learn from you. :)

Finnian Beazlie said...

I am an illustration student at San Jose State, and am greatly looking forward to your talk there in October. I brought your lecture tour to the attention of our animation/Illustration club president last spring, and I am very grateful that you are able to come to our school.

Daniel Potvin said...

Please put a version of this workshop on DVD... pretty plein-air please :-)