Monday, September 13, 2010

Plein Air Winners

Yesterday I had the privilege of announcing the winners of the North Bennington Plein Air Competition.

From left to right, they are Hiu Lai Chong of Maryland, Jane Ramsey of Pennsylvania, and Andrew Orr of Vermont.

Ramsey’s first-place watercolor, “Storm Watch” depicts the roofline of the barn that formerly served as the studio of painter Kenneth Nolan. It’s now part of the Taraden Bed and Breakfast, one of the hosts and sponsors of the event. The artful cropping gives a fresh revelation of a familiar motif, with cool reds and rust colors contrasting with the blue-greens of the slate shingles.

Orr won second place with “Breaking Light,” one of four landscapes he exhibited showing the Vermont countryside near the town of North Bennington. In the painting, the clouds come and go across the far hills, with a variety of crisp and soft edges. His adept handling of chiaroscuro—light-on-dark and dark-on-light—dramatizes the scene.

Chong’s third place oil “Yard Work” captures the close color harmonies in the train depot, with strong compositional lines leading into the design. She simplified what must have been an immense amount of detail of white gravel and cross ties in the foreground.

Congratulations to all who participated, and thanks to the organizers, sponsors, and volunteers who made this a very successful event.
North Bennington Plein Air Competition
Taraden Bed and Breakfast
Post with lots of pictures on Mary Byrom's blog
Jane Ramsey
Andrew Orr
Hiu Lai Chong


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Libby Fife said...

Goodness, what a wonderful set of work. I would have been hard pressed to choose!

Thanks for showing those pictures.

Don Cox said...

I think the "Yard Work" painting is by far the best of the three. It has a more interesting composition than the other two.

Anonymous said...

"It’s now part of the Taraden Bed and Breakfast, one of the hosts and sponsors of the event."

Ray Lederer said...

Yay! Congratulations Hui Lai!

My Pen Name said...

i really liked Ramsey's bit of an echo of Kobke's "One of the Small Towers on Frederiksborg" in spirit at least.

James Gurney said...

Etc, Etc. I see what you mean, but there’s nothing special about the winning painting being done on the grounds of Taraden--it was one of the main locations for the paint-out, so a large number of of the pieces were done there.

Anonymous said...

Those are wonderful. I love the train yard one.