Saturday, February 19, 2011

Ice Towers

Day 4 of Video Week is about making towers of ice. When you put candles in them, they look like transparent lighthouses, and they keep shining even in a hefty windstorm.

A couple of points that I forgot to mention:

1. I don’t recommend using bare hands for handling wet ice in zero degree weather. Leather gloves don’t work either because they stick hard and you have to tear the surface layer off. Neoprene gloves seem to do the job. Also, be careful not to stick your tongue out if you make an ice helmet.

2. To make the cylinders of ice stack securely, put a ring of wet slush at the top of each section before adding the next. That will freeze and bond like cement.

3. If you have a hollow cylinder below the top one, you can chip a 5-inch hole in the side of it so that you can put a candle in there, too.
Direct link to YouTube video: Ice Towers
GurneyJourney channel on YouTube
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Super Villain said...

very cool, no joke inteneded, haha,

definaly want to try this next winter....

i would also guess you could fill a large bucket then put a smaller object inside. let it freeze then have that shape, such as a ball....

how are you keeping the candels lit if no air is getting in the top or bottom of the containers in the middle?

Super Villain said...

ok, reread your post and see how you keep the candel lit, cool!

Anonymous said...

Wow! You're like a way cooler Martha Stewart.

Barbara said...

Aha. Now I know how you got your head in a block of ice. I don't think it will ever get that cold here, but it's good to know how to do this anyway.

David Glenn said...

Very cool (I mean that figuratively and literally).

Cristy said...

I've coveted luminarias since visiting Santa Fe at the holidays, but my evil Wyoming wind always makes them in to a terrifying fire hazard. (or just blows them out. And blows them around.) Now I have the answer. I CAN INDEED welcome visitors to my home with glowing flame in winter. Can't wait to try it out!
(And impenetrable fortress for the snowball warriors as well.)
Recently, I've actually been scheming about an ice geodesic dome... gotta love those cold winters.

Too Gemini said...

Love your ingenious fire and ice project! For a tiny little period of time I wished I lived in a colder climate. But then I snapped out of it.