Friday, February 4, 2011

Yemen Embassy Art Returned

Yesterday an art courier returned my painting called “Hudson Highlands” from the United States embassy in Sana, Yemen, where it has been hanging for three years.

Meanwhile, the New York Times reported yesterday that longtime president Ali Abdullah Saleh announced sweeping concessions, facing growing opposition from protesters.

I thank the Art in Embassies program of the U.S. State Department for allowing my painting to play a small role as a form of visual diplomacy in that troubled region, and I hope that peace and justice will prevail in Yemen and other countries in the Arab world.
Image from MinnPost
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Julia Lundman said...

is that West Point we are looking at? I used to live there as a teenager. Beautiful, beautiful landscape. What an honor for you! Congratulations!

Lisa McShane said...

And one of my landscape paintings just arrived in Yemen! Great program - we'll see how things in Yemen change while my work is at the embassy.

James Gurney said...

Yes, that's West Point, painted from Osbourne's Castle across the river. It's based on a plein air study that I did on location. Along with the view from Olana near Hudson, I think it's one of my favorite vistas in the Hudson Valley.

Lisa, congratulations. I think it's a wonderful program, too.

Julia Lundman said...

Thanks for the reply. Although I was a bratty teenager at the time, I do remember very clearly how beautiful the Hudson River valley was and is. This is a really gorgeous landscape painting. I also love the history of the area.

Thanks for posting the painting and bringing back memories!



Humza Khan said...

From your lips to God's ears my friend.