Sunday, February 6, 2011

Prehistoric Times

What do you get when you cross a guinea pig with a rhinoceros?

The new Winter issue of Prehistoric Times magazine has two new features that I wrote: “How I Painted Titanoboa” and “The Making of a Giant Rodent.”

Each article has a behind-the-scenes look on how I reconstructed an extinct animal. In each case, all I had to start with was one or two bones. The rest took a lot of educated guesswork—and you guessed it....maquettes!
If you love extinct animals, check out the print magazine Prehistoric Times


Ray Lederer said...
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Ray Lederer said...

Whoa! So let me get this straight... you're doing your own interpretations of what these animals looked like from a couple of bones? Wow! How cool is that? Are you directly consulting with other archeologists/documentation or is this all out of your head? Either way it's fantastic work James:) Thanks again for sharing.

David Glenn said...

Those are some cool animals.