Thursday, May 5, 2011

Book Trailer Results

We received fantastic entries for the Color and Light Book Trailer Contest. I couldn’t resist sharing them with you now so that you can help decide the grand prize winner.

Please watch them all and vote for your favorite in the poll at left.

Eric (SuperVillain)

Christian Schlierkamp, completed with the help of Kilian, Karim, Maite, Luis, Leon, and Dominik, ages 9-12. Animation workshop organized by JKN Berlin.

Ana Hesselbart

Jared Updike 

Note on prizes: In addition to the signed poster, I’ve decided to give every entry a free signed book of their choice. The poll winner will receive a book of their choice plus the actual book that appears in the “Painting Rainbows video.”

Be sure to follow the links on the names to learn more about each of the contestants. Thanks to everyone who entered, and thanks for voting.
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eric said...

wow, the quality of the videos were all great.

it was a tough choice for me but in the end i voted for Christian Schlierkamp, but Roger Bansemer was close, that video was hilarious!

also in checking everyones links, there are some really talanted artists in this contest as well, awsome

JonInFrance said...

Yeah, they must have worked so hard. Difficult to choose, but Roger is just so loveable!

SVSART said...

I must say James Gurney depicted as a fanny pack wearing leprechaun artist that sings songs from the "Sound of Music" was a surprise...Very creative?!?!?