Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Book Trailer Winner

Congratulations to Jared Updike, who was voted the winner of the Color and Light video contest by the reader poll at left.  Jared will receive the actual book that appears in the “Painting Rainbows video” plus another book of his choice.

And thanks to all the other entrants: Ana, Roger, Eric, and Christian, each of whom will receive a free signed book from the Dinotopia Store. And thanks to all of you who voted!
Order "Color and Light" from Amazon.

See all five entrants to the contest.


Super Villain said...

well deserved, and Christian Schlierkamp's video was awsome as well!

big thanks to everyone who voted for me in the contest!

Ana said...

Yes! Thanks to the people who took the time to watch them all and vote. It was very cool to see how diverse all the videos were.

Christian Schlierkamp said...

Congratulations, Jared! And as Supervillain said: well deserved!!

Thanks to everybody who voted! it was great fun to participate here!
Thanks Supervillain, I loved your spot as well! Now I can't skim through C&L without laughing when I pass "Elements of color" (*whistles melody*)

All the best,