Saturday, May 28, 2011

Caustics inside eyes

Caustic effects are those little spots or arcs of light that happen when sunlight shines through wavy water or a water-filled glass. The curving surface acts like a lens to focus the light into a small area.

Caustics also appear within eyes when the direct sunlight travels diagonally through the cornea. Blog reader P.A. Farris sent me these photos she took of a black-crowned night heron. The caustic is an arc-like shape on the opposite side of the pupil from the highlight.

If the light comes from far enough to the side, the caustic becomes a focused point.

The same effects happen with human eyes. The light is coming from the right, and the caustic appears brightest as a curved shape at the edge of the iris. In the raking light on the iris, you can also see how the pupil bunches up.

Thanks, P. A. Farris
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Unknown said...

Jim, Great stuff. I have painted this effect many times over without really taking the time to understand what really causes it- Thanks

Amber "Vantid" Hill said...

Caustics are one of my favourite lighting effects, especially when applied to a juicy eye.