Monday, November 14, 2011

Armand Cabrera and Garin Baker

Whenever I hang out with fellow painters, I want the moment to last forever. I want to put something on paper as a record of that meeting.

So a few days ago, when I sat down with Armand Cabrera and Garin Baker at a Chinese restaurant, I did these quick watercolor pencil portraits while we waited for our meals.

Of course, they were talking and moving around, not holding still, and I was trying to add something to the conversation. So my concentration was chopped up finer than the Kung Po chicken. But I love drawing under those conditions.

Here's how they really look. They've known me for a long time, so they tolerate my fiendish habit. They put up with being sketched. Garin threatened to get me back next time.

Armand Cabrera website
Armand's blog "Art and Influence" (with a report on the "Howard Pyle" weekend)
Garin Baker website
Garin's blog post "Our Weekend with Howard"
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Anonymous said...

You should insist that he retaliates next time, James. ;)

I really like those little spontaneous sketches. Probably should try doing that as well when I meet up with my friends. There's an idea...

Christian Schlierkamp said...

Get him back, Garin! ;-)

Karen Sandstrom said...

The sketches are great and you did a pretty darned nice job walking that line between dead accuracy and infusing the faces with character and energy. Would that my quick sketches looked this good ...

Anonymous said...

You do many of your quick sketches with watercolor pencils. Of the many colors available I assume you carry only a few with you. Which do you prefer?