Monday, November 7, 2011

A Visit to CCAD

Last week I visited Columbus College of Art and Design (CCAD) to give a lecture on composition and color.

CCAD is one of the leading art schools for training illustrators, animators, painters, and sculptors. Clockwise from above left: a gallery of student work, character maquettes, Illustration chairman Stewart McKissick with a latex foam bear head, and one of the Pirate Bears made in 3-D teacher Mark Hazelrig’s class.

Mark Hazelrig teaches popular course in sculpting and casting. When we were there, students were molding soaps and designing the packages to fit them. In a back room, they were working on a giant model of a flea.

The campus buildings are scattered across a quiet section of downtown Columbus Ohio, right next to the art museum. A giant “ART” sign spans one road in the campus.

After my lecture, I did a demo portrait of Mr. McKissick. (Thanks for the photo, Chris!) Since it was Halloween, he agreed to let me turn him into a zombie.

On the official website, the school invites you to imagine everything "from superheroes to monsters and jokes to political statements." And that's what I love about the school: the mix of wild fun, high standards, and dedicated professionalism.

CCAD Illustration website
Coffee with CCAD illustration teacher C.F. Payne
My 2009 visit to CCAD


jeffkunze said...

Yes!! My school!
Mr. McKissick and Hazelrig were some of my favorite professors at the school. I still remember Mr. McKissick humiliating me for an illustration I did half ass.
I need to go back and say hello to my teachers that are still there.

AmandaPants said...

those casts look awesome!

Anonymous said...

Since it was Halloween, he agreed to let me turn him into a zombie

Looks like it could serve double duty for New Year's Eve!

Jake Murray said...

I remember your visit to CCAD a couple of years ago. Your presentations are so inspiring! And as for McKissick - well he just kind of looks that way all the time hahaha. Joking of course. Thanks for sharing the photos!

Josh Ring said...

oooh so not cool, i just submitted my portfolio to them today! I really would have loved to have been there for your lecture. Please come back again in the Spring!

Stewart McKissick said...

I know where you live, Jake, and I'll be coming to eat your brain...

Denny Griffith said...

We loved having you on campus.

Chris Oatley said...

Oh, hey! CCAD! That's my alma mater! Woot! Wish you had come to visit while I was there, JG!