Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Artist's Facial Hair Poll

It's time to vote for the artist with the best facial hair. The poll is at left.

First row: Aivazovsky, Courbet, Friedrich
Second row: Kahlo, Uhde, Dali
Third rowMan Ray, Steele, Dickens
Fourth row: Brancusi, Rodin, Meissonier

----Added later: Dali is the winner. Here are the results, with 519 votes:

  35 (6%)
  20 (3%)
  13 (2%)
  86 (16%)
  84 (16%)
  106 (20%)
Man Ray
  19 (3%)
  39 (7%)
  15 (2%)
  15 (2%)
  22 (4%)
  65 (12%)
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Omar "OX" Rodriguez said...

my vote is for Dali

Jean Wogaman said...
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Jean Wogaman said...

I voted for Dali too. His facial hair defies gravity the best, and the crazed eyes are a nice bonus.

Unknown said...

Any dude can grow a beard or 'stache. I'm going with Frida. Check out Kahlo's 'stache AND the unbelievable uni-brow!

Zoe said...

darn, it was hard to choose between Frida and Dali... on the one hand, girl can work it! On the other, Dali's 'stache is just flawless. I have to go with him!

Alex_Munguia said...

Frida, no question about it. That brow is almost an upside down stache on her fore head; only she could pull it off.

Erik Bongers said...

For my previous birthday, I received a book called "BEARD" by photographer Matthew Rainwaters.
Just google his name and you'll know what I'm talking about.

A must-have for artists looking for face-morphological inspiration.

Kate Higgins said...

Dali. You can't help but look twice.

Anonymous said...

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Lee Smith said...

Gonna have to roll with Steele.

jane said...

Freida nomination in this almost encapsulates the whole "what ever you guys can do, we gals can do, to, once we get past the obstacles in our way" argument of art history . . .

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

How funny to think of that! I enjoy your posts! Don't like facial hair, though...

Carol Scown-Raynal said...

Dali's moustache is unrealistic, even surrealistic, so I voted Brancusi since his moustache is so well and marvelously sculpted.

Michael Syrigos said...

Courbet, most certainly.

jimserrettstudio said...

Absolutely Alexi Steele,.....
amazing artist and a real personality... come on the rest of these folks are dead.

David Still said...

bah, Dali's moustache is just a gimmick! We're voting for BEST facial hair, not most extreme! (Yes, this is very serious business). I was going to nominate P.S. Kröyer or Velazquez, but since I didn't I'm gonna have to go with Rodin.

Gregory Lee said...

I was torn between Dali and Kahlo, but then I realized that Dali and Uhde hadn't actually been nominated, so I voted for Kahlo.

Vicki said...

The question is what one means by "best". Weirdest would have to go to Man Ray. Dali would of course have voted for himself, as he was a showman as much as a painter, and his moustache was pure exhibitionism, though I like Jeanie W's comment about it defying gravity. Is anyone tempted by this to grow something glorious on his (please, not her) face?

Gregory Lee said...

519 votes. There's quite a crowd of us here.