Saturday, January 28, 2012

Macro Photos of the Human Eye

When seen enlarged by macro photography, the human eye is an amazing landscape.

According to Wikipedia, "The iris consists of two layers: the front pigmented fibrovascular tissue known as a stroma and, beneath the stroma, pigmented epithelial cells. The stroma connects to a sphincter muscle (sphincter pupillae), which contracts the pupil in a circular motion, and a set of dilator muscles (dilator pupillae) which pull the iris radially to enlarge the pupil, pulling it in folds."

The features on the front of the iris include:

  • The Crypts of Fuchs are a series of openings located on either side of the collarette that allow the stroma and deeper iris tissues to be bathed in aqueous humor. Collagen trabeculae that surround the border of the crypts can be seen in blue irides.
  • The pupillary ruffs (crenations) are a series of small ridges at the pupillary margin formed by the continuation of the pigmented epithelium from the posterior surface.
  • The Circular contraction folds, also known as contraction furrows, are a series of circular bands or folds about midway between the collarette and the origin of the iris. These folds result from changes in the surface of the iris as it dilates.
  • Crypts at the base of the iris are additional openings that can be observed close to the outermost part of the ciliary portion of the iris.

Wikipedia on the Iris
Photos by Suren Manvelyen.

Thanks, Eric!


Tom Hopp said...

The human eye is a wonder to observe, from within or without.

JonInFrance said...

Yeah, strangely fascinating - provokes mixed reactions and looks like a landscape

renate said...

I've never seen it like this before! Amazing. Thank you!

Jennifer Rose said...

that is so neat seeing up close :D very pretty

Justin M. said...

Don't forget about the limbus! That fuzzy ring around the iris thickens and milks with age (Arcus Senilis). Apparently it's related to beauty ideals and should give any illustrator some thought! (

Nick said...

I've had some people tell me they find these photos fascinating and others who feel a little sick looking at them.

I agree with the former! The iris up close reminds me of a mushroom's gills.

Brandon A. Miltgen said...

God is definitely in the details. It's amazing how nothing in the universe is anything less than amazingly detailed. Reminds me to appreciate the appropriate care for detail that should be put into every piece of art.

Anonymous said...

The most amazing thing about this picture is the cornea! Notice the hexagonal shaped structures on the right side of the photo. The illumination allows you to see the clear endothelial cells which are the inside lining of the cornea.