Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Old Dog Silver

You may remember the post from last August where I went painting with an artist friend of mine named Roger Bansemer. He and his wife Sarah produce a TV program about their travels and painting. Currently they’re on 109 PBS stations nationwide. 

(Direct link to video) While we were together, he shot this brief episode of me sketching his dog Silver. 
Silver was old and blind when I drew his portrait, and Roger told me that he just recently passed away. 

(Direct link to video) Roger Bansemer’s TV show about our painting day hasn’t aired yet, but should come up sometime this spring. Here’s a promo for it. 

Drawn with Caran D'Ache watercolor pencils and a Niji water brush
Roger Bansemer's website
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Tom Hart said...

I'm glad that you reminded us of the Bansemer shows, and especially that you'll be featured soon. I encourage people to check his website, as I just did. Unfortunately, no stations available to me broadcast his shows BUT they are available for unlimited online viewing for a very reasonable fee, and - as I was especially happy to discover - a few can be viewed for free. I look forward to your episode being available via the Bansemer webstite eventually. Please do let us know when that happens.

ben said...

Looks like such a nice show. Unfortunately I belive that it isn't available in my country..

Here is a link to an episode on vimeo:

JonInFrance said...

Yeah, you can watch them on the internet like Tom said. Great fun!