Thursday, November 22, 2012

Cooking Eggs, Spanish Style

According to a New York Times article, chef José Andrés used a cooking technique that he found confirmed in the painting "Woman Cooking Eggs" by the 17th century master Diego Velázquez.

"He tipped a heated pan of olive oil and swirled the white as it coalesced around a gleaming yellow yolk. 'It is Velázquez, it could not be more Spanish, and it is simple, said Mr. Andrés."

Thanks, Larry Roibal


Tom Hart said...

Love the painting and the cooking info. For those who might be curious to know more about the cooking method, here's the full description (simple as it is) from the NYTimes article. This from the slide show link on the sidebar of the article.

"To cook an egg, Mr. Andrés uses a method that begins with a sauté pan in which four tablespoons of olive oil had been brought to medium-high heat. He then tips the pan at a steep angle, so that the oil collects in a small bath, and slides the egg into the oil."

I couldn't initially understand the reference to "tipping". Sounds worth trying. ...Just keep the turps clear of the flame :^)

Happy Thanksgiving, James and All!

Lester Yocum said...

In our visit to the Jamestown Settlement village in Virginia they cooked eggs like this, using methods of the 1600s. Lots of fat, three or four eggs in a pot over a fire. Even in the hands of experienced reenactors the eggs would burn. Apparently the settlers didn't mind lard-soaked eggs. Not for me!

Mary Bullock said...

Substitute the oil for water and that is how you make poached eggs. My Mom made them like that all the time.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous painting. - mp