Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sketching People in the Wild

The upcoming issue of International Artist magazine (December / January, Issue 88) has a feature that I wrote for them called "Sketching People in the Wild."

It starts out: Most artists draw posed models in the confines of a studio. It’s easier to draw a person who holds still in controlled light conditions. But sometimes it feels dull and predictable, like shooting fish in a barrel. Models can’t help looking lifeless and unnatural. What’s the remedy? I like to head outside and hunt for natural poses and authentic lighting—real humans in their wild habitat.

Regular readers of this blog will recognize many of the portraits and anecdotes, but there are a few I'm publishing in the magazine for the first time. 
International Artist magazine currently has a "people and figures" competition. Entries will be accepted through January 16.

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David Teter said...

I look forward to this, seeing so many in one place (without clicking). I am a big fan of your life watercolors and drawings.
Go to a newsstand, set up in a nice spot and do one of someone looking at THIS issue of the magazine!
Keep painting...