Friday, November 16, 2012

Drowning a Dinosaur

I know: the photographic evidence seems to implicate me. It looks like I’m drowning a dinosaur.

But really I just want to know what an ceratopsian would look like in shoulder-deep water. 

It was just one of many references I used to create this scene from Dinotopia: Journey to Chandara.
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Unknown said...

What were you exactly looking for? Reflection of the water on the dino's body? Reflection of the dino in the water?
I can't really see where you used the reference for... This time, the insight isn't very clear for me... (but I learned already a lot from the other blog posts).

James Gurney said...

Ivo, you're right--to be candid, the reference wasn't all that useful. One thing I got out of it was the placement of the highlights at the water's edge. I was hoping the photo would capture the darker, shinier quality on the wetted part of the dinosaur, the way it looks in elephants bathing in Africa. I took photos of lots of other dinosaur models in the water, and used just a little from each one.

Tom Hopp said...

Oh. I thought you were giving it a sponge bath, the way the Dinotopians are!

John Garrett said...

Very interesting. You blog is very insightful and helpful. Out of curiosity how did you create that?

Thanks, John

Anonymous said...

You're not only drowning just any dino, you're drowning a BABY dino! 'Jame' on you!