Saturday, December 8, 2012

Hawley and Kley in Illustration Magazine

The new issue of Illustration magazine has just arrived. The issue features Pete Hawley, whose perky and stylized females were used in countless swimsuit and underwear ads for the Jantzen company. 

After the ad account went photographic in the early 1960s, Hawley shifted his style to paint cute kids for greeting cards and for Bell Telephone ads.

Illustration issue #39 also has a long article on Heinrich Kley (1863-1945), best known for his darkly satiric pen and ink drawings of dancing hippos and elephants. The article includes 21 illustrations, many of which were never seen in the familiar Dover editions. There's also an interview with German art historian Alexander Kunkel, who has done extensive research on Kley. 
Until now, there have been a lot of false stories about Kley being a madman, but in fact he was fairly conventional—at least on the outside. His unbridled imagination has inspired many artists over the years, including Walt Disney, who publicly credited the influence on Fantasia.

The interviewer is Joe Procopio, who has just come out with two new books on Kley in his "Lost Art" series. I haven't seen the books, but the book trailer promises a lot of intriguing images.

Illustration magazine website
Today's Inspiration on Pete Hawley


Anonymous said...

Hawley's stylization in both images is very well done. I love the way he did the color and lighting on the hair in the Coca Cola illustration and it looks so great with the tanned skin tone. Bow at the shoulder is just perfect.

Nothing superfluous.

GREAT Kley book trailer! Good choice of music. - mp

mdmattin said...

My high school art teacher turned me on to Kley, possibly jeopardizing his job in the process, but letting me know I was not alone in my twisted imaginings. Thanks for the book ref; I impulsively ordered both volumes and am looking forward to seeing his other works.

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