Saturday, December 1, 2012

White Cloud Worlds 2

Andrew Baker created this portrait called "Tao" using ZBrush and Photoshop. It's just one of the fantasy and science fiction images from the new book "White Cloud Worlds 2."

The new book features the artwork and personal stories of 41 artists, including Greg Broadmore, Paul Tobin, Ben Wootten and many other major names. All of the artists are from New Zealand; some were born there and others were attracted there by the opportunities at WETA Workshop and WETA Digital. Not surprisingly, the 148-page book contains a lot of great creature design, mech vehicles, and brave heroes, mostly (but not all) done in digital media. The introduction is by Iain McCaig and the afterword is by Wayne Barlowe. 

It is also notable for featuring a strong showing of female artists, including Sanjana Beijnath, Bridget Monro, Rebecca Kereopa, Claire Hackett, Lindsey Crummett, and Tanya Marriott.

Christian Pearce, who did the cover and is known for his mech design, made this video to show the mind-blowing effect of the first volume (he also admits to wanting to mess with his buddy Ben Hawker on film).

The new Volume 2 of White Cloud Worlds should be available now in New Zealand and Australia, but to my knowledge, it's not out yet in the USA or Europe. The first volume of White Cloud Worlds is still available.
Thanks, WCW'ers for the awesome inscriptions!.


Vladimir Venkov said...

Really nice book. I love creatures.

I am zbrush artist and I can say this is one the best artist oriented software on the market. It is really great for concept design and finished pieces as well. Have you tried it James?

Andrew Bonneau said...

Great video!

Rebekah said...

I rushed out and bought a copy. Couldn't resist. Thanks for the link. =)

Anonymous said...

I recently purchased a couple of build-it-yourself wooden sculptures by an artist named Steve Lambert. He is one of the artists featured in the first White Cloud World book. I'm very much looking forward to getting a hold of the second book.