Saturday, December 29, 2012

Steampunk Miyazaki

That's cool! Animation background painting legend Kazuo Oga and his team painted a model of Goldsworthy Gurney's Royal Patent steam carriage (right, circa 1830) in one of their background shots for Hayao Miyazaki's Secret World of Arrietty (detail, left).
Sir Goldsworthy Gurney
The Secret World of Arrietty on Amazon
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Kazuo Oga


Anonymous said...

Cool! Are you genetically related to Sir Goldsworthy Gurney?! My guess is YES! - mp

Susan said...

The painting is almost as cool as the name "Goldsworthy Gurney"!

Cassidy gave me "Color and Light" for Christmas--yea! Thanks for the little sketch!

James Gurney said...

MP, We can trace our line back to England, which is where Goldsworthy was from, but haven't found the exact connection with him yet. Gurney's a pretty unusual name, which ultimately traces back to France.

Suzy, glad you enjoy it.