Saturday, February 2, 2013

Fish Thoughts

In this seven second video, the brain activity of a fish is registered in real time. (Direct link to video)

The brain belongs to a zebrafish, and the neuronal activity is the response to a visual stimulus that resembles food for this species.

Gizmodo describes the flashes as "thought forming in the brain."

Calling it "thought" may be a bit exaggerated. I mean, how much do fish think when they see food? They're like me when I see a bowl of corn chips. Attack first, think later.

But still it's exciting to see mental activity visualized in this way.


dglenncasey said...

Wow! Looks like me and a cheeseburger. :)

Rich said...

Yum, corn chips! I can second that...
But here in this case, some mental activity still remains intact: Or why did I come to think about John Pike?

Shreya said...

Hahah that reminds me of the Great Swallower image : I love how sheepish the Snake Mackerel looks.